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Slack For Sales Teams

Big wins, faster than ever

Grow revenue more efficiently. Slack unites your people with their customers, tools and data so they can accelerate deals in a major way.

Succeed as a team

Shorten the sales cycle and rack up more deals

  • Bring together reps, partners, experts and sales data in one central account channel
  • Connect your sales tools directly to Slack so your CRM, contracts, project management and more are just a click away
  • Connect with teammates to share quick feedback, deliver updates, or work side by side, with huddles and clips
Learn how Box wins more deals as a team


average increase in win rate*


average increase in sales productivity*

*Source: FY23 Customer Success Metrics, Salesforce, survey of 115-755 Slack and Salesforce dual users, July 2022

Harness the power of Sales Cloud, directly in Slack, with Slack Sales Elevate

  • Centralize, simplify and automate work all in Slack so teams can collaborate on deals and win more together

  • Tap into the power of real-time Sales Cloud data and AI-ready workflows right at your fingertips

  • Update your CRM instantly and effortlessly in Slack for better pipeline accuracy and decision-making

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Spend less time working and more time selling

  • Ramp up new reps faster with an automated onboarding process and instant access to documentation
  • Build on deal insights from Salesforce Sales Cloud for more accurate forecasting
  • Use workflows to automate routine tasks for rapid deal cycles
Learn how Lyft automates admin to focus on selling

“We’re spending more time prospecting and less time on the administrative work updating deals in Salesforce. There’s no doubt reps are able to source more business and close deals faster.”

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Tyler Lefeber, Senior Strategic Account Executive, Lyft Business

Strengthen relationships with Slack Connect

  • Build deeper, differentiated relationships with customers in secure Slack Connect channels
  • Extend the power of Slack to partners by bringing external sales teams into your channels
  • Nurture customer relationships with real-time data in the same channels you work out of
Learn how Stripe forges meaningful customer relationships

“Historically, the gold standard of a deep relationship in sales was getting the person on text. Now the gold standard is getting them into a Slack channel.”

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Jeanne DeWitt Grosser, Head of Americas Revenue and Growth, Stripe

Productivity begins with your favorite tools

Reduce context switching by pulling account data and documents from platforms like Salesforce, DocuSign and Highspot, and connect these to workflows to automate everyday tasks.

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Sales Cloud for Slack
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Frequently asked questions

Yes! Slack helps make sales a team sport by facilitating seamless and fast collaboration between cross-functional teams and decision makers in any organization. Here’s how:

  • Quickly loop in colleagues, partners and experts to make decisions in real time.
  • Integrate with your CRM to allow key account details to be viewed by everyone at your organization within Slack.
  • Set keyword notifications to spark collaboration and bring in experts to close deals faster.
  • Tune into conversations in channels you’re not a member to gain deal-winning insights and knowledge.

No, but it does integrate with your CRM, including Salesforce, HubSpot and Zoho.

By using Slack and your CRM together, teams can easily stay in the loop on leads, account details and more from within Slack, allowing them to respond faster to new opportunities and collaborate seamlessly with colleagues across the organization.

Salesforce was one of Slack’s earliest partners, letting teams easily stay up to date on their Salesforce records from within Slack.

There are two apps that connect Salesforce and Slack. In order to use the Salesforce app for Slack, a Salesforce system administrator will need to install and configure the Slack app for Salesforce. Each app provides different functionality.

The Slack app for Salesforce

  • Available in Salesforce AppExchange
  • View Slack messages associated with a record
  • Send Salesforce records to Slack
  • Set up record alerts in Slack channels

The Salesforce app for Slack

  • Available in the Slack App Directory
  • Search and preview Salesforce records for all standard objects
  • Route relevant alerts to channels
  • Add Slack messages to Salesforce records

Learn more about how to superpower your sales with Slack + Salesforce integration and how it works.

Channels are where work happens in Slack. A channel is a single place for a team to share messages, tools and files. People often create channels for company announcements, customer support triage, asking for IT or HR help, and sharing social interests.

Channels can be public (open to everyone at the organization) or private (invite-only). In addition, organizations on a paid Slack plan can share a channel with external partners like agencies, clients and vendors with Slack Connect. Learn more about how channels can speed up your daily work.

Slack helps organizations bring their people and tools together in one place so they can stay productive and aligned from anywhere. More than 750,000 businesses use Slack every day for team messaging, file sharing and video/voice calls. You can integrate thousands of tools, like Google Drive, Zoom and Salesforce, or create custom bots or apps just for your organization. Find out more about how Slack features work.