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Automate your way to a shorter day

With Slack’s new no-code Workflow Builder, you can connect the tools you use every day and start automating repetitive tasks and complex processes. With just a few clicks, your team will save a whole lot of time.

Jira Cloud

Create and edit Jira Cloud issues directly in Slack, so your team can stay focused and keep projects moving forward faster.

Connect Jira Cloud to a workflow to automatically:

  • Create an issue
  • Edit existing issues
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Jira Cloud

Google Sheets

Update your docs right within Slack with Google Sheets workflows. Get more control over your data while cutting down on manual entry.

Workflows with Google Sheets let you:

  • Add or delete content
  • Update a spreadsheet
  • Select a spreadsheet row
Connect Google Sheets in Slack

Google Sheets


Streamline task management without switching between tools. With Asana connected to your workflows, all your projects are just a click away.

Use Asana in a workflow to:

  • Start a project
  • Create or update a task
  • Leave comments for your team
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Simplify the document-signing process. With DocuSign connected to a workflow, your documents will be signed, sealed and delivered with ease.

With DocuSign connected to a workflow you can:

  • Create a DocuSign envelope
  • Share a DocuSign envelope
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Ready to win more deals? With Salesforce in your workflows, transparency and collaboration come together, giving you time and clarity to focus on selling.

With Salesforce in a Slack workflow you can:

  • Create records
  • Run Salesforce flows
  • Update existing records
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Keep information organized and accessible by connecting Box to your workflows, creating a more organized, accessible method of file management.

With Box connected to a workflow you can:

  • Create folders
  • Copy files
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Searching for meeting links stops here. With Zoom connected to your workflows, you can kick off meetings directly from Slack, creating the invitations instantly.

With Zoom connected to a workflow you can:

  • Create meetings
  • Get meeting updates
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Bring all your apps into your workflows

Connect your favorite tools to workflows in Slack and start automating everything from simple to complex processes. You'll save time and boost productivity.