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Speed up collaboration with external partners

Bringing apps into Slack Connect channels helps simplify how you use your tools with external partners, so you can work as efficiently with partners, vendors, or customers as you do internally.

Get work done faster with apps in Slack Connect channels.

Simplify meeting coordination with Calendly

Without visibility into another organization’s tools, it’s often time-consuming to get everyday tasks done, like scheduling a meeting. With Calendly in Slack, it’s easy to share booking links in a channel — you get face time with your partners and customers faster, and they get an effortless scheduling experience.

With Calendly, you can:

  • Share a Calendly link without leaving Slack

  • Include an optional personal message


Access and share your Calendly links without leaving Slack

Streamline access to Google Drive files

Add context to a conversation by quickly sharing files in a channel or direct message. Skip the back and forth requesting permission to a file and grant instant access in Slack, so both teams can start collaborating immediately.

With Google Drive, you can:

  • Share and grant instant access to files

  • Reply directly to comments using threads

  • Create and import new files

Google Drive

Quick access to your files from all your devices.

Join a Zoom meeting

Using Zoom in a shared channel allows you to jump on a call or run weekly check-ins by using the /zoom slash command. After the meeting, send a transcript to the channel and track follow-ups for both sides.

With Zoom, you and your partners can:

  • Start or join a meeting

  • Share meeting recording links


Easily start a Zoom video meeting directly from Slack.

Rally around joint opportunities with Crossbeam

When companies work together, their data often doesn’t. Partners end up swapping cumbersome spreadsheets that go stale. Bring Crossbeam data into a Slack Connect channel and quickly mobilize your partners —from sharing learnings to formulating a joint sales strategy.

With Crossbeam, you and your partners can:

  • Map accounts with Crossbeam, then get notified about shared opportunities in your Slack Connect channel 

  • Find overlaps for accounts on-demand by searching with the /crossbeam slash command


Look up accounts, collaborate with partners, and get alerts about new activity from your Crossbeam partner ecosystem.

More apps to use for external collaboration

  • Google Calendar
    See your schedule, respond to invites, and get event updates.
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  • Outlook Calendar
    Sync your status, respond to invites, and see your schedule.
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  • OneDrive and SharePoint
    Search, share and preview your OneDrive & SharePoint Online files right from Slack
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  • Email
    Send emails directly to a channel in Slack.
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  • Slack for Gmail™
    Send emails into Slack to discuss them with your teammates.
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  • Slack for Outlook
    Send emails into Slack to discuss them with your teammates.
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  • Atlassian Assist
    Create and respond to Jira Service Management issues in Slack
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  • Highspot
    Share Highspot content and receive your notifications in Slack.
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  • Adobe Creative Cloud
    Find, share, and view Creative Cloud files.
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  • Box File Picker
    Securely store, share, and manage all your files
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  • Webex Meetings
    Start, schedule or join Webex video meetings from Slack.
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  • Simple Poll
    Build a winning team culture with polls and surveys, all in Slack
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  • Polly
    Drive engagement through polls, surveys, Q&As, standups, and trivia 📈
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  • Lucidchart
    Empower teams with intelligent diagrams
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  • Centro: Salesforce<>Slack
    Achieve Full Control Between Slack and Salesforce.
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  • Workast
    Create and assign tasks, manage projects and get work done in Slack.
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  • Zapier
    Easy automation for busy people
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  • Envoy
    From people to packages, Envoy helps you handle everything that enters your workplace.
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